Dreamlife Design fuses tradition and virtual Vancouver real estate

Vancouver real estate can be said to border on the unreal at the best of times, but when the Georgia Court, one of the city’s best-known hotels, decided to retool into a combination hotel and a 48 storey tower filled with luxury suites, they turned to a company well-versedin creating virtual worlds. While the hotel itself leans on tradition, Vancouver firm Dreamlife Design was able to bring 21st century visualization to the process. Dreamlife combines 3d design, stills, and animation to create walkthroughs of spaces for, amongst others, real estate companies. According to a recent profile in the Globe and Mail, Dreamlife’s “all in one” approach at first puzzled the (none too computer savvy) real estate industry, but with a video production crew, architects and animators on staff Dreamlife was able to prove its worth to both Delta (the company behind the Georgia Court project) and Sotheby, who they helped recently with visualizations of the Ritz-Carlton.

With Vancouver a magnet for design, 3D animation and (to a lesser extent) video and film production, it makes sense that industries like real estate will begin so see the benefits of dealing with “all in one” firms like Dreamlife Design, as long as they embrace the digital world, and realize that tech extends both their reach as businesses and their ability to satisfy customers increasingly at home in virtual spaces.