After Idiot Drone Operator Grounds Wildfire Copters, People Ask: Where are the Regulations?

One bad apple spoils the bunch.

It’s a saying that comes to mind when one thinks of drones: fun, practical things that have been demonized thanks to morons.

Recently in BC, an entire fleet of helicopters fighting wildfires were grounded due to some idiot misoperating his stupid drone. It was the second time this month.

Pete McMartin argues in the Vancouver Sun that drones should be banned, at least until tougher regulations come into play.

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“Why can any aspiring vandal, would-be Peeping Tom or — the day will come — terrorist be allowed to buy these drones without a licence, without instruction and without severe limitation on when and where they can be flown?” he asks. “Why are they built with capacities that can easily take them high enough to interfere with commercial airline flights?”

There are rules, but they are broken constantly, McMartin observes, and the punishments are usually negligible, assuming the rules are enforced at all.

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McMartin’s stance:

Ban the sale of drones to the general public, at least until tougher regulations and limits on the their flight capabilities are introduced. Restrict their use solely to insured commercial enterprises, and have those businesses file a flight plan whenever they put a drone up in the air.

Extreme? Or necessary?