DrupalCamp in Colorado This Weekend

Drupal Media Camp is being held in Denver this weekend. It’s being held at Denver’s Public Access TV Station, map here. So what can you get out of attending the camp? 

  1. A more comprehensive understanding of the modules available and the ways they are being used
  2. Increased collaboration & relationships between users with similar goals (join forces in collaboratively generating the resources(not just money) necessary to push this work forward!)
  3. Increased collaboration & relationships between developers working on the modules (more unity, opportunity through code sprints to integrate various patches/functionality we’ve got locked up on individual sites, clearer vision for moving forward)
  4. A warm fuzzy feeling about the power of Drupal to handle media and more support for the Media Sprint

Tentative structure for the 2-day conference is below:

DAY 1 – All Day Media Sessions (9:00am-5:00pm)

  • The first day will focus entirely on unconference style sessions organized by everyone who attends. We’ve put up this quick site to help facilitate some advanced planning of the sessions, and to help session organizers get an idea of interest and to find others interested in helping present on the same topic. If there are still gaps left to fill by conference day, we’ll put the schedule on a whiteboard and spend the first half-hour on the 19th letting everyone who arrives fill in the gaps with more sessions, BOFs, etc.

DAY 2 – Code Sprints & BOFs, and more Sessions (9:00am-5:00pm)

  • Several groups will be in town that want to take the opportunity to collaborate and get some work done. This includes a group of developers working on the Media Sprint as well as a group of Public Access Television stations working on implementing several of the media modules into their organizations, and I’m guessing there will be others. We anticipate several code sprints, and BOF style meetups between these groups. If more sessions are proposed than will fit in DAY 1, we’ll let them overflow on DAY 2 as well. Beyond this, we’re completely open to how DAY 2 is structured at this point so feedback is appreciated.