Dude, where’s my stimulus?

About $18 billion in stimulus spending was announced when the Government of Canada handed down the 2009 budget.

With so much money on the line, the Canadian tax payer may be wondering whether or not it is being put to good use. Well, there’s a web site in development to help anyone find out.

StimulusWatch.ca aims to be a completely open and non-partisan solution to track exactly where stimulus money spent by the Canadian government is going and determine whether or not it is helping the economy.

The web site is sparse at the moment but should contain data in many forms soon, as long as people are willing to participate in the project. The site is going for a crowd-sourcing model, following the idea that finding all the necessary information to track and analyze stimulus spending would be difficult for a single person, but if everyone who has pieces contributes, it can all come together.

The social media components to the project are already up, including a blog, a Twitter feed (plus a community hashtag, #stimcan) a FriendFeed page and most important, a wiki where information can be submitted.

Despite looking to draw content through crowd-sourcing, StimulusWatch does have a pretty solid team behind it, including Conservative Senator Elaine McCoy.

Along with all the features that are already online, there’s also a plan to build a database to help store and analyze the information collected.

Of course, as with any crowd-sourced intiative, the success of the site really depends on how many people engage and participate in the initiative.