Dude, you’re getting a new marketing campaign!

If the first thing that comes into your mind when you think about Dell computers is “budget,” you’re not alone — heck, that’s what comes into my mind.

But Dell doesn’t want that label anymore. On Monday, they are going to be unleashing an advertising campaign costing “hundreds and hundreds of millions” to tell the world that, yes, Dell has premium products too.

Reuters has the scoop:

“We’re going to stop mentioning price as the single important aspect,” said Paul-Henri Ferrand, chief marketing officer for Dell’s global consumer, and small and medium business division.

He said the company wanted to emphasize it had premium products, as well as cheaper options. He declined to elaborate on exactly how much the company was paying for the global advertising campaign.

Details of the new products, which will include a small laptop that converts into a 10-inch tablet computer, as well as smaller tablet devices, are due to be released on Monday.

My question: why change anything? Dell’s already the number two computer manufacturer in the world, and they’ve already carved themselves out a nice little niche with consumers. Is this really necessary?

Oh, another question: will their new campaign bring this clown back? Nothing spells “premium” like being arrested for weed possession!