Due Diligence, courtesy of the Angel Forum

Due diligence may not be a lot of fun or an exciting conversational opener, but it’s an absolutely vital component to ensuring companies can prove their financial health not only to regulatory bodies but to potential investors. The Angel Forum is covering this important topic at a day-long Due Diligence and Company Valuation workshop on March 10th, from 7:30 am to 6 pm at the SFU Harbour Centre. Local angel and VC experts include Basil Peters, Paul Geyer, Keith Spencer and Greg Smith. Bill Payne of the Kauffman Foundation is acting as the facilitator for the event.

The due diligence portion of the workshop will cover best practices in the due diligence process, while the pre-revenue valuation module will focus on considerations investors make when valuing pre-revenue ventures, how to make angel-investor negotiations less adversarial and the disconnect that often occurs between investors and entrepreneurs when considering the worth of a company. There will also be a elevator pitch contest where attendees can deliver a 30 second pitch describing their business and funding needs to potential investors. Registration is still open for the event, but act quickly if you want to ensure attendance.