e-Radio in Partnership with CBC use FM Radio to Turn on your Dryer

The CBC and Toronto’s e-Radio Inc. have successfully tested a technology that uses FM radio signals to turn on appliances like dishwashers and dryers. This is being done with the CBC/Radio-Canada whose coverage allows them to reach 99% of the Canadian population. The technology uses a small microchip receiver installed in home smart appliances that can receive FM signals.

This is a Canadian developed technology which enables consumers to take advantage of energy savings possible when these smart appliances are run during off hours when electricity rates are lower. Theoretically a smart appliance could be programmed to run automatically during these energy-saving times of day which could save money for consumers in the long run.

e-Radio states that they specialize in secure one way data delivery of data which would consist of text messages or commands that can be delivered to residential smart grid devices. e-Radio also has the ability to also deliver real-time information like news and weather using their technology. So in a few years time if you forget to turn on the dryer maybe it will be able to turn itself on or you can do it remotely making it one less thing to worry about.

Read more about this unique partnership on digitalhome.ca.