EA hires in Waterloo for Social Gaming

According to Gamasutra, Electronic Arts continues to expand into the digital market and is hiring for a “new social gaming platform” at its relatively unknown EA Waterloo office.

Job listings posted on multiple location-specific websites say the publisher is seeking a “User Experience Designer” for an EA Waterloo location, and the candidate will “lead the design and prototyping of applications for online games, community features and e-commerce transactions” for the new platform.

When approached for comment, EA confirmed only that it has a small office in Watreloo that is focused on supporting their online initiatives.

Montreal and Vancouver should take note. Ontario is pushing hard to entice game developers to relocate to Ontario’s Technology Corridor by offering a variety of incentives to encourage developers to put down roots in the area. On top of that, the region is home to a number of higher learning institutions, including Toronto’s Ontario College of Art & Design and the University of Waterloo, both of which have received significant investments to create programs for digital media students.