EA Spawns Little Boy Games

Vancouver’s gaming ecosystem continues to flourish thanks to offshoots of Burnaby-based gaming giant Electronic Arts. Saturday’s Vancouver Sun profiled yet another Baby Don making a name for themselves – Little Boy Games.

Ivan Tung and Usman Ahmed Khalid both left secure, well-paying jobs at a big video game company to invest their savings, hire a staff and produce their own dance game out of Tung’s basement.

They asked themselves the question that all first-time game creators (and most veterans, come to think of it) ask: Will anyone want to play this game? But when Khalid watched his mother sit down at the computer screen, learn the game immediately and play it for a long stretch, he felt they might be on to something.

Khalid and Tung are hoping a lot more people have the same reaction now that their company, Little Boy Games, has its first game, Go! Go! Break Steady, available on Xbox LIVE Arcade, Microsoft’s website for downloadable games.

After more than two years of hard work, they now must wait to see if the game catches enough attention to earn back their investment. Tung and Khalid met when both were engineers at Electronic Arts’ Burnaby studio. Though gainfully employed, they wanted to create their own game and, as Khalid says, “do it the old way, in somebody’s basement with a couple of guys.”

No need to read the Vancouver Sun article – just watch Tung’s story below about the birth of Little Boy Games – I particularily like the reference to the “great machine” and his decision to “swallow the red pill”.