Startup WillPwn4Food Enables Canadians to Earn Money While Playing Videogames

Online poker isn’t your game. You don’t have enough hours in the day to play StarCraft or Call of Duty to find yourself in that elite 1% of the big money professional e-sport world. You like gaming and in a past life were really good until school, a real job, or just life in general got you kicked out of the parent’s basement.

Ivan Lukianchuk founder of WillPwn4Food has been feeling your pain and is doing something about it. Lukianchuk as his team are launching a new game and platform that might just put a little beer or new makeup money in your pocket.

Their first game, DodgeBots, is a fast action 3D game where up to 15 players join for a dollar and the top five people split the pot.  The game is designed so that players don’t need teams, they don’t need to schedule matches, they don’t need expensive hardware, they don’t need to run back and forth to their consoles, and they don’t need to dedicate more than 10 minutes at a time to play—making it ideal for breaks, lunch hours, or waiting for your partner to get ready to go out.

The game is designed to work right in the web browser avoiding the need to download large external files or separate apps. It’s easy to sit down at any computer with an internet connection and play. While WillPwn4Food is launching for money, they’re still in Beta and are really looking for people’s feedback and opinions so they can make the game and experience better. Coming soon, players will have the chance to join in their weekly $500 tournaments.

Lukianchuk is a University of Waterloo Computer Science graduate. As part of the Communitech Hyperdrive accelerator’s first cohort last summer the team really benefited from the learning experience. They’re now seven people strong and have some early angel investment behind them. While still looking to raise additional funds, this launch will definitely help expand the user base and add even more traction to their efforts.