EatSleepRide: New Revolutionary App For Motorcycle Safety and Touring

Riding a motorcycle is good way to get from point A to point B with a little rush of adrenaline in between. Although some may consider it more of a lifestyle and less of a transportation alternative, most will agree that riding a motorcycle is dangerous. Safety is on the back of every cyclist’s mind even when they are rocketing down an open stretch of road with the wind blowing past. That is why Toronto’s are introducing a mobile app with features designed for motorcyclist who want to ride more safely and freely.

“Car drivers have always been a step ahead of us when it comes to safety,” said Alex Crookes President and Chief Technology Officer of EatSleepRide. “While technology can make the motorcycle itself safer, it hasn’t really been able to deliver accessible safety to the rider until now. Using the mobile device is an obvious choice — it’s always with us. After extensive research and development we’ve created a simple to use, inexpensive tool that’s going to increase the safety of all riders and hopefully encourage more riders to ride more often.”

The EatSleepRide app offers a feature called Crashlight, a built-in crash detection technology that can automatically detect a motorcycle accident. It will then notify the rider’s emergency contacts, which they have previously set into the system. The contacts will be informed via text messages, phone calls and email of the rider’s geographical location. Anxious friends and families of motorcyclists can now watch them revv away easier knowing that EatSleepRide is with them.

The new app also includes a data dashboard that offers riders a visualization of recorded routes, speed and lean angle. There is also a GPS-based social riding feature that allows riders to see where other cyclists are on a map. Motorcyclists and enthusiasts will now be able to share their experiences and connect with each other painlessly through EatSleepRide.

Although EatSleepRide is currently only available for iOS devices an Android version is coming soon.