Ebay Can Get Rid of Canadians’ Unwanted Holiday Gifts in Less Than One Minute

40% of Canadians receive at least one unwanted gift during the holiday season – sometimes ones of significant value. But 75% of Canadians don’t plan to recoup the value of these unwanted items by selling them. 

Ebay, for one, believes Canadians should be cashing in. And with its mobile app, Instant Sale, the company affirms that Canadians can sell unwanted gifts in under a minute. 

“I’m predicting that eBay’s mobile app will be a big enabler of couch commerce this holiday season,” said Andrea Stairs, country manager, eBay Canada. “As Canadians enjoy some downtime, relaxing with their new tablets or checking their phones to confirm New Year’s plans, they can sell their unwanted items in the comfort of their own homes this holiday season.”

According to the US Consumer Reports National Research Centre, nearly half of adults shop between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Ebay believes that this window of opportunity gives Canadians the perfect chance to unload unwanted gifts with potential buyers who are looking for deals over the holidays.

Available in Canada starting today, eBay’s Instant Sale program is a convenient way for Canadians to sell their used electronics. Using Instant Sale, Canadians can get instant cash offers of up to $300 for iPads, smartphones, iPods, GPS units and other electronics. With a catalogue of more than 200 devices accepted by the Instant Sale program, it is free for Canadians and takes less than a minute to complete with only three easy steps:

  1. Find your device using eBay’s Instant Sale search engine.
  2. Print off your free shipping label.
  3. Mail in your device.

Ebay partnered with Staples to ensure that all personal data is removed from devices before they are reconditioned or refurbished. Devices beyond repair will be responsibly recycled.

To date, Instant Sale has generated more than 6.3 million offers on used electronics globally. In total, more than $100 billion worth of used, refurbished, or pre-owned goods have been sold on eBay worldwide.