eBay Feed Launches in Canada

Originally introduced in the US in Octobe 2012, eBay Feed has come to Canada.

“Feed is eBay’s new way to curate a shopping experience and discover items perfect for you,” the online auction giant says. “Feed marries the imagery that we have come to expect online with a personal focus on a shopper’s interests. The idea is like creating a news feed, but instead of news, it offers visual inspiration of products on eBay.ca that are all instantly shop-able.”

The feature has been a smash hit for the company: according to eBay, Feed users come back to the site more often, spend longer on the site per session, and buy more items than those who don’t.



For Canadians, eBay has interestingly evolved from a traditional auction of used goods to buying new items and items at fixed prices. The company says that in 2012 more than 75% of purchases made by Canadians on eBay were for new products and 65% were made at fixed prices. Canadians spend more than $1 billion on eBay per year, with eight million monthly visitors.