Echoecho reports Launch 2011 is underway in San Francisco

First day of Launch 2011 in San Francisco is in the bag and I am so glad to be off my feet that I can hardly stand it… okay bad pun.

Say what you will about the organizer (and a lot has been written in the past 9 months), but Jason Calcanis can put on an event. For their inaugural Launch conference, Jason and his team have assembled a cast of the top tech media (sans TechCrunch), a Christmas wish list of angel and venture investors, and a wide range of start-up talent – both geographically and in terms products. I met companies from Japan, Australia, the UK, and (of course) Canada in the Demo Pits, and I only got around to about 20% of them – granted some came by our booth to say hello as well.

The belle of the ball so far appears to be Green Goose – Green Goose Wows the Crowd & Raises $100K On Launch Conference Stage – though some folks believe the company’s “Internet of Things” RFID technology that turns tasks into games is too far ahead of the curve. Personally, I see a huge market for getting kids to do chores and things they might otherwise balk at – by turning it into a game. How far will that go? Who can say at this point, but the thinking is definitely outside the box and the upside is significant.

Echoecho did not get up on stage today, hopefully tomorrow, but in the morning we were able to get onto the radar of a major tech/investment writer – Where Are Your Friends Right Now? Echoecho Will Tell You – and ended up on the main web site of the SF Chronicle. And by the end of the day we had pitch to and had feedback from about 11 serious potential investors. Not bad for day 1. Looking forward to another 12 hours tomorrow.