Echoer Launches Social Mobile Local Service Exclusively in Canada

Echoer, a free iPhone app, has launched exclusively in the Canadian Apple App Store. Echoer, an award-winner from LeWeb ’11, is a visually driven way to “post and experience local thoughts, events, and discoveries.”

Thoughts, known as Echoes, amplify others’ recommendations and discoveries to boost relevancy. The app nails all the trendiest buzzwords on the head: social, mobile, and local.

“Echoer is an app for anyone who’s tired of reading old and out-of-date comments, and who wants to engage in the local conversation. With Echoer they can find out, in an intuitive and enchanting way, what people are saying in real-time about places, events and issues near them,” said Daniel Cowen, co-founder and CEO of Echoer. Because of our ties to Montreal we’ve been developing and beta testing this technology here, and we decided to launch Echoer in Canada first, before rolling out the app to the rest of North America, Europe and Asia.”

From the iTunes description:

Built on a highly interactive and visually engaging platform, Echoer lets you leave your thoughts in different locations and explore, in realtime, what others are saying in a given place or area. See what’s echoing loudest, and amplify the thoughts, events or discoveries you like the most.

“We’ve developed an innovative and beautiful solution to cut through the surrounding social media noise, and bring you content that’s relevant, timely and local,” added Daniel. “We’ve put as much time, thought and effort into the look and feel of the app as we have into the design of the system that powers it.”

The Echoer algorithms and interface were developed through “a global effort” between Echoer engineers and designers in Montreal and overseas. The startup was founded in March 2011 by Daniel Cowen and Davin Sufer.