Ecobuddies brings ecology and safe surfing to MMOGs

Ecobuddies is a Massive Multiplayer Onlne Game based on an ecological theme that hopes to reach a goal of a $500 million valuation (based on the companies already on the market, like Club Penguin and NeoPets).

Ecobuddies aims to fill a niche in the MMOG space, since there are very few games aimed at young children. The site will be “safe, secure and sanitized,” so that parents can introduce the site to their children with no worry of inappropriate content (the intended demographic is 5 to 12 year olds). The site will also be ad-free, instead using micro-payments to generate revenue.

Ecobuddies is also the only MMOG to combine green themes and eco systems within a virtual world, such as characters driving in electric cars and using windmills in their virtual houses.

The website is currently in the testing phase, with the revenue stage about to begin.