Edmonton Flash User Group July Meeting Tonight!

flash The Edmonton Flash User Group is holding their July 2008 meeting tonight (22nd). Grant Skinner, the Chief Architect and CEO of gskinner.com, will be on hand to share some information about his design process and the tools he uses. Specifically, Skinner plans to focus on some of the new features in Flash that make it a useful design tool, and perhaps a better one than Photoshop for some projects.

If you’re doing something interesting with Flash, you’ll have an opportunity to share too:

After Grant’s session, we will be having an informal open-podium portion of the evening. This is an opportunity for you to share with the local community a cool project you’ve been working on, a sweet Flash feature/tip you’d like to share or simply show a stellar use of Flash you’ve experienced recently. Contributions are limited to 5 minutes max, and will earn you a ballot of some of our larger prizes of the evening.

The meeting takes place at The Billiard Club on Whyte at 7 PM. You can find out more information here.