Edmonton Public School Board approves expansion of WiFi in schools

Over the objections of a group of parents, the Edmonton public school board will be going ahead with adding WiFi to public schools across the city.

Citing their satisfaction with scientific studies showing no ill effects from WiFi signals, the school board okayed the expansion of WiFi at a meeting on Wednesday, in a 6-3 vote.

From the CBC:

“We believe that Health Canada and the World Health Organization have brought together experts that have examined a myriad of technical information and have given their clear stamp of approval that WiFi is safe,” said board chair Dave Colburn.

The parents want more studies done, but were encouraged that three trustees shared their concerns.

“There’s already other parents forming, concerned parents groups in St. Albert, other parts of Edmonton and across Canada,” said parent Bill Fraser. “This is not an issue that’s going to go away.”

He and his wife will pull their three children from George P. Nicholson School which is slated for WiFi installation, he said.

I wonder if these parents are aware of how prevalent Wi-Fi signals are in today’s modern cities, because if they think that they can avoid them by just keeping them out of schools, they’re sorely mistaken.

I guess it makes sense that these parents are pulling their children out of public school, because the only place the children will be able to avoid WiFi entirely is by receiving a home school education — somewhere far into the countryside.