Edmonton’s Bioware is getting nervous

The Edmonton Journal seems to think hometown Bioware Corporation will be one of the nine planned studio closures that Electronic Arts (EA) announced today.

Only one facility was identified in the announcement — the Black Box Studio in Vancouver will be consolidated with EA’s studio in Burnaby. The impact on Bioware or other EA facilities is not being released today, spokesman Jeff Brown said in an interview. “Cuts are targeted at all divisions and geographies of the company,” he said.

EA announced earlier today that their workforce will fall 10% by March 2009 – approximately 1,000 layoffs.

Just over one year ago EA paid a record $825 million for BioWare and Pandemic Studios. The studios were both owned by Elevation Partners, an investment firm founded by rock star Bono and EA’s chief executive John Riccitiello.

BioWare Corporation’s founders — Greg Zeschuk, Ray Muzyka, and Augustine Yip — all met in medical school at the University of Alberta. They shared a fascination for computers and computer games. They formed BioWare in 1995 with a $100,000 investment.

Time will tell if Bioware is on the chopping block.