Edmonton’s Nexopia Found Breaching Privacy Law, Says Commissioner

Edmonton-based social network Nexopia has breached Canada’s privacy law, according to our country’s privacy commissioner. The youth-based website, which has nearly 2 million users, has “inappropriate default privacy settings,” an investigation revealed.

Privacy czar Jennifer Stoddart said in a statement that Nexopia “keeps personal information indefinitely, even after people select a ‘Delete Account’ option,” and that the site provides “inadequate information about a number of privacy practices.” The site is targeted at young people – more than one-third of active users are 18 or younger – which demands that “extra care” is required to ensure youth understand privacy policies, Jennifer affirms.

Nexopia responded to 20 out of 24 recommendations from the report, the commissioner said, implementing those corrective measures satisfactorily – but still keeps personal information indefinitely. Google was also criticized by Jennifer. The software giant is in hot water globally for its shady privacy practices.