Edmonton’s TestFlight acquired by Burstly

Edmonton-born TestFlight announced today that they have been acquired by Burstly. They are jointly launching TestFlight Live today.

TestFlight is one of the most popular service for beta-testing iOS apps. Burstly is a startup focused on helping mobile developers monetize through advertising.

TestFlight Live is a real-time dashboard that highlights actions and revenue for iOS apps. The TestFlight Live feature set is broken down into four segments: engagement, audience, revenue, and stability. The goal of the product is to provide a real-time display of the important factors happening in your app right now. It is available via Safari on desktop, iPad, and iPhone.

The combination of the two seems to make a lot of sense—TestFlight has become the standard for beta-testing iOS apps and Burstly can help apps make real money. While TestFlight will continue to be free it can act as a funnel delivering potential new customers to Burstly.

According to their announcement today, TestFlight has experienced phenomenal growth and now has over 70,000 developers sharing more than 130,000 apps with a group of 280,000 testers. 

The terms of the deal were not disclosed.