EE Roadshow: 9 Days Left, 9 Tickets Remain

EE Roadshow VancouverOnly 9 Days Remain Until ExpressionEngine Roadshow Vancouver.
And only 9 tickets are left!

If you’re interested in coming, hurry up and register. Cost is $50 and the event is at the Havana theatre in Havana Restaurant on Commercial Dr. so space is limited to 60 attendees.

EE Roadshow is the first community-powered ExpressionEngine event. We’re holding it in Vancouver, at Havana Restaurant, on Friday, September 26 from 1-5 pm (sessions). There is a party afterwards for attendees (5-7 pm).

This is an intimate group of EE users: individuals and companies with EE sites who are looking for inspiration, how-to knowledge and connections to other good EE users and developers, and EE designers and developers who are interested in connecting to each other and learning more about building in EE. Rick Ellis from EllisLab will be in Vancouver demoing new ExpressionEngine features and talking to EE users. (We’re hoping for a sneak peak at the upcoming EE release.)

All the event details are here:

And a special thanks to the Media Sponsor, TechVibes.

EERoadshow is brought to you by Kevin Shoesmith of Venn, Travis Smith of Hop Studios and me, Monique Trottier, of Boxcar Marketing.