EE Roadshow comes to Vancouver

ExpressionEngine’s online community is friendly and productive and supportive, one of the best on the Internet. EE Roadshow is our way of bringing EE users and developers together in a real-world way, so we can connect the people behind the forum personas, and so we can share some tips, techniques and development expertise.

More than that, we want people who aren’t EE users to come and hear why EE is one of the best web CMS systems today, as told by the people who rely on it every day. The price? $50

And that includes a chance to hobnob with some of the the most passionate EE developers on the West Coast, including someone special from EllisLab, the company responsible for all of this. At the part-EE (get it?), you’ll also nibble some of Commercial Drive’s best eats and we’ll even buy you a couple of drinks, just to make it more fun! Register now!

Not convinced? Why don’t you check out what’s happening during the EE Roadshow.