Electric Cars Come To Vancouver

Looks like Vancouver will have electric cars on the road sooner rather than later. Mitsubishi Motors announced today that the company’s zero emission i MiEV could be zinging around Vancouver by November of this year. The i MiEV is a production ready, highway-capable vehicle that will launch in Japan this summer. BC Hydro and the City of Vancouver are each scheduled to take delivery of one i MiEV later this year for fleet testing under real world conditions.

The City of Vancouver is also considering building code changes that would require new residential construction to include rough-ins for electric-vehicle plug-ins. As more and more highway-capable vehicles come to market the potential for an emissions free commute are getting closer to reality.

It remains to be seen if General Motors will be able to bring to market its Chevy Volt amidst the company’s massive restructuring efforts currently underway. The Chevy Volt is scheduled to launch some time in 2010. One can only hope that Canadian electric car manufacturer Zenn Motor Cars will be able to bring their product to Vancouver neighbourhoods some time soon.

I’m curious how many people would actually purchase an electric car?