Everyone Uses Electricity Everyday. Just How Big is the Infrastructure Powering That Demand?

When most people think of electricity, they are aware of two things: lights turn on and off when you flick a switch, and they have to pay a company money for that privilege every month.

But the technology powering that electricity is incredible—and, to the average person, invisible in most practical respects. BC Hydro noted that demand for electricity is poised to grow up to 40% over the next 20 years and recently crafted an infographic to demonstrate just how thorough its infrastructure is, even if we never see the vast majority of it.

For example, the steel used for BC’s Interior to Lower Mainland transmission line weighs as much as 1,666 killer whales. And the company’s distribution lines could reach two times around the world. Oh, and for the Vancouverites who assume downtown’s fancy Shangri-La building is the tallest structure in the province, think again: Revelstoke is home to the Mica Dam, which soars nearly 800 feet.

And all of this to power less than two million people. Now imagine the infrastructure powering Canada as a whole, or even the world.

Check out the rest of the comparisons in the graphic below.