Electronic Arts lay-offs becoming a reality in 2009

Got word from a former Burnaby-based Electronic Arts employee that had relocated to their Tiburon office in Orlando that he was included in the latest round of EA lay-offs. Looks like the staff reductions we initially reported on in October are kicking in.

In an ironic twist, Gamer guide Kotaku is reporting that the person often quoted in official responses to rumors about lay-offs – Mariam Sughayer, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications – was herself laid-off yesterday and her position was eliminated.

Sughayer, who did an admirable job of getting official responses into the hands of reporters in tough times, was among an unknown number of personnel cuts announced at the publishing giant’s headquarters today.

Considering Electronic Art’s Vancouver roots, it’s disturbing to see just how deep these cuts are going to be and how many people will be affected.