EMC snags new cloud project lead

Microsoft veteran Harel Kodesh has joined EMC Corporation as the President of EMC’s Cloud Infrastructure Business, developing and expanding EMC’s cloud project. Kodesh is also the new CEO of Seattle-based Decho, a subsidiary of EMC focusing on managing personal information in the cloud.
Kodesh is excited about the move:

“This is a remarkable time in the history of computing. Individual consumers and businesses are faced with managing and benefiting from what feels like an open flood of digital information. This has resulted in a wave of demand for cloud-based infrastructure and service offerings that deliver easy and full utilization, protection, organization and enrichment of important personal and business information. I have been impressed with the broad and deep talent and resources that EMC has already marshaled in this space, and I’m looking forward to helping EMC enhance its lead in this market.”

Kodesh previously worked at Amdocs, Microsoft, and Wingcast.