Endloop Studios moves out and up


You must have heard of the success story called Endloop.  Well, good things continue to happen for this Toronto-based game app developer and designer. 

Just this past week they moved out of the offices they were sharing with another Toronto web startup, Jet Cooper.  The Seto brothers are not working alone anymore.  They have just hired their 5 employee and things continue to look up for this dynamic duo.

Back in mid-August Ken Seto blogged about how their iMockups iPad app  managed to hit $100,000 in sales in 4 months! Endloop is not sitting on their laurels:

We’re continuing to improve the product and make sure it continues to be the best wireframing/mockup tool on the iPad.

So what does the future hold for this dynamic start-up?  Here’s what Ken had to say:

As for our work, we’ve got a few client projects on the go.  One of note is the the TEDxToronto app that we’re doing as sponsors.  We also have a new productivity app that we’re working on but it’ll likely be October before we make an announcement on that one.
It looks like the back to school season will also be back to work season for Endloop.