Endloop teaches you how to launch your 1st iPhone App in 28 days

Toronto tech blogger Mark Evans has got some reviews of online services and devices coming up and today he reviewed an iPhone App called TweetCapz – an app that lets you add captions, speech bubbles and emoticons to photos that you can share on Twitter.

After installation the application (it costs $1.99 but there’s a special launch price of 99 cents), TweetCapz gives you two options: you can take a new photo or use an existing photo on your iPhone.

After adding a caption, bubble or emoticon, you select how you want to share the photo, and send it on its way. Below, you’ll see a photo that I recently took, and shared through Twitter.

TweetCapz is quick, easy to use and entertaining. For 99 cents, it’s a pretty good investment.

TweetCapz was created by Toronto-based Endloop – a develeopment shop founded by brothers Garry and Ken Seto. They are also responsible for a heart rate monitoring app called iHeartRate.

If you’re thinking about developing your own iPhone App, be sure to check out Endloop’s Blog. The brothers are sharing their experience via a series called How to start, built, launch and market your first iPhone App in 28 days.