Energy Aware Hits Crowdfunding Goal for Home Intelligence Campaign

In a flawlessly executed crowdfunding campaign, Vancouver’s Energy Aware has just hit their Kickstarter goal of $95,000 in 10 days.

Neurio: Home Intelligence by Energy Aware is a new technology that makes an ordinary home smart.

What is Neurio? Imagine if one day the same washing machine you’ve always used started reminding you when you forgot to dry your clothes. Neurio is a “home intelligence” technology that makes your ordinary appliances smart and your home more efficient.

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Using a wifi power sensor and a cloud service with some smart pattern detection algorithms, Neurio monitors your home’s electricity to figure out what your appliances are up to—without the need to install sensors on every device.


Out of the box, Neurio and its included app, Wattson, report useful data for saving money on electrical bills. It’ll tell you in real-time how much power you’re using, reveals insights into problems and usage patterns, and it is smart enough to notify you when you forget to turn something off. And if you have solar panels at home, Neurio can monitor and track your solar generation too.

Check out Energy Aware’s Kickstarter video below and back the project if you like what you see.