Canadian Startup Engagio Unveils Major Enhancements to Social Inbox

Toronto-based Engagio today announced “major new enhancements” to its social inbox service. The Canadian startup believes these changes will position it “as an essential destination for social conversations search and discovery.”

According to Engagio, users can search threaded discussions and online comments from 14 sources including heavyweights like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, as well as some smaller sources like StackExchange, StockTwits, and Foursquare. And they can receive email alerts based on these searches, similar to Google Alerts, the company says.

“This rounds-up our evolution from a starting point of helping users to manage their own social interactions to following their friends’ interactions and now to searching and discovering ‘any’ conversations by topic, keyword or person,” says William Mougayar, the founder of Engagio.

From an official release:

The big picture is about enabling Searching social conversations and online comments from a variety of networks. No other service has combined online comments and social network discussions together, in addition to offering public Search and Email alerts. So far, Engagio has indexed 30 millions comments from over 6 million people on 14 networks and 85,000 sites.

“The way we display search results is innovative,” Mougayar added. “We reveal the people and sites behind any given search results. This helps users to identify potential influencers in the topics they are interested in. We also reveal the communities that are discussing these subjects, enabling users to join these conversations and connect with the right people.”

In addition to the enhancements, Engagio has revamped its user interface for the first time since launching last February. And the Canadian startup is also launching an HTML5-based mobile web app optimized for Android and iOS. Engagio says that it provides a “similar-to-native” experience and includes the Inbox, Dashboard stream, and Contacts folders.