Enough with this self-regulated wireless industry… bring on Bill 133, Mobilicity says

Mobilicity has stated recently that it contacted the Ontario Minister of Consumer Services in support of Bill 133 “to end unfair practices by wireless carriers.”  

In its letter to the Honourable John Gerretsen after his meeting with the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Associations (CWTA), Mobilicity said it “fundamentally disagrees with the CWTA’s ongoing position on consumer protection laws and fully supports the proposed legislation by Ontario MPP David Orazietti.”

“To be perfectly clear, although we are a member of this association, we stand far apart from it on this issue,” writes Mobilicity CEO Dave Dobbin. “Unfortunately, as is sometimes the case, on this point the CWTA … has completely ignored the dissenting opinions of new entrants such as ourselves.”

Earlier this year, in its Manitoba government submission, the CWTA contended that “consumers are better served by open competitive markets and a self-regulated wireless industry with a strong Code of Conduct.” But Mobilicity believes that this self-regulating Code of Conduct has proven completely ineffective in protecting consumers.

According to the wireless startup, Ontario’s Bill 133 would require wireless carriers to provide clear disclosure of all optional and mandatory services and contract cancellation penalties, and limit contract termination fees, which Mobilicity supports, citing the need for “greater protection of wireless consumers.”