Research In Motion Strikes Deal with EnStream

EnStream announced this morning major steps towards distribution and management of secure mobile credentials, including an operating agreement with Research in Motion and the formation of a new Mobile Advisory Council.

EnStream will offer both components of the secure interconnection solution: secure credential delivery for issuers such as banks, and credential management for wireless carriers.

EnStream’s Service Provider Trusted Service Manager service for issuers will enable the secure, real-time, wireless deployment of payment and other credentials, while the Secure Element Management solution for wireless carriers will provide secure, real-time, wireless management of those credentials within devices.

With the selection of Research In Motion’s SEM, EnStream expects that its infrastructure to connect financial institutions and wireless carriers for the secure deployment and management of financial and other credentials will be operational by year-end.

“RIM is very pleased to play a key role in this Canadian mobile payments solution,” said Andrew MacLeod, Managing Director for Canada at RIM. “Working with EnStream, we’re delivering a service that will enable speed, security and convenience in mobile, contactless payment. RIM’s SEM solution will help deliver mobile payments and other NFC services to all carriers across all handset platforms that support NFC technology in Canada.”

While mobile payments will be the first widely adopted smartphone capability, the EnStream solution will also allow smartphones to be used for transit passes, tickets, access keys, couponing, loyalty rewards, library cards, driver’s licences, health cards—in effect placing much of the contents of our wallets securely and directly into smartphones.

EnStream also announced the formation of a Mobile Advisory Council for potential issuers of NFC (Near Field Communication) credentials on smartphones. The Council will provide a forum for financial institutions, retailers, transit authorities, government agencies and other stakeholders in the mobile-credential ecosystem to share best practices and ensure all participants can take practical advantage of these new capabilities.

The recently concluded Canadian Government Task Force for the Payments System Review encouraged Canadian banks and wireless carriers to work together to create the conditions for mobile payments.