Enter SweetSave, a daily deal website looking to make a difference

Daily deal and social buying websites are a dime a dozen these days. It seems like everyone and their mother and their mother’s cat is getting on the bandwagon.

But one daily deal website is promising something different. SweetSave is a soon-to-be-launched daily deal website serving the Greater Toronto area, but what sets them apart from the pack is that proceeds from every deal are sent to a worthy charity.

“We’re not just any other deal site,” said co-founder Dov Markowich. “We’re not just thinking of ourselves, but of others as well. It’s not just about us, us, us, you know? There are [charities] we need to focus on. We’d like to make a difference, and hopefully we can.”

SweetSave will be having a featured charity every week, and proceeds from every deal from that week will go to that charity. Markowich said that this allows partner charitiers to maximize the donations they receive, and for customers to have more options to support their favourite charities.

Markowich and fellow co-founders Ely Anbar and Bar Amsterdam have other ideas for how to stand out from their competitors. They plan to focus on new companies as partners, not just ones that have offered deals with other websites; although he does say that they are focusing on service-based businesses, like pubs, restaurants and spas, like most other websites. As well, Markowich said that customer service would be a priority for his company, promising to be responsive to queries and complaints from customers.

“What I’d like to do is engage more in user responses in a timely manner. When I send an email out to someone I’d like to get a reply back as soon as possible, so that’s one thing I’d like to focus on and give attention to as well,” said Markowich.

As of now, SweetSave is a small enterprise, with only the three co-founders and two sales staff. Markowich says he favours “a slow and steady” model of growth, but maintains that his company isn’t being lackadaisical in growing the brand — he just isn’t going to spread his resources too thin. SweetSave has gotten to this point as a completely self-funded venture and isn’t currently seeking additional funding.

“If I do feel the need to inject some more capital for operating finances, then yeah,” Markowich said when asked if he planned to seek financing from investors. “That hasn’t come up yet while we’ve been developing this thing … but it is quite possible that we might [in the future].”

SweetSave has a website online, but the launch date of the service is tentatively scheduled for late January. For more information, click here.