Enterprise 2.0 Alive and Well in Vancouver

Jon Husband of the FASTforward Blog interviewed Gordon Ross and Darren Gibbons of Vancouver’s OpenRoad Communications earlier this week and hit them with four questions. The FASTforward blog is a companion to the FASTfoward conference series which highlights how companies can use technology to place users in control of information and is home to ongoing discussion about the user revolution and Enterprise 2.0 opportunities and challenges.

OpenRoad is a technology consulting firm specializing in the development of custom software that make business and government operations more efficient and cost effective. As part of their work with clients over the past several years and their experiences in designing and adapting intranets, they developed a hybrid wiki, blog and CMS platform called ThoughtFarmer – which I’ve mentioned previously here.

ThoughtFarmer has gained some significant clients over the past year, including IntraWest, NESTA (National Endowment for the Sciences, Technology and Arts in the UK), IDEO (designers of the Palm V, the Swiffer, and the Apple Mouse) and most recently dating site eHarmony. In the case of eHarmony, the installation of ThoughtFarmer took only 5 days to install the platform, train 250 employees and migrate all the pertinent content.

Looks like OpenRoad is on to something with ThoughtFarmer – look out for more notable client wins in 2008. ThoughtFarmer is #28 on our Vancouver Start-Up Index.