Enterprise to Account for 30% of All Tablet Sales by 2016, Canadian Research Firm Says

Tablet adoption in the enterprise space continues to pick up steam. Canadian research firm TechSci has gone so far as to say the enterprise will account for nearly one-third of all tablet sales in the US by 2016.

According to TechSci, the global tablet market will be worth almost $80 billion within four years, boasting a compound annual growth rate of about 35%. In North America, the CAGR will be lower, at roughly 25%, with 30% of that being driven by the enterprise.

“While most expect the addressable Tablet PC market to be limited to consumers, at least initially, enterprise adoption of Apple’s iPad has been one of the biggest surprises in the early days of the tablet market and the growth is going strong,” the research firm said in a statement. “It is estimated that in next five years the demand for tablet PC’s will increase five-fold in the enterprise segment as most of Fortune 500 companies had either deployed or are piloting the device.”

90% of enterprises favoured Apple iPads in 2011, TechSci affirms.