Entrepreneur Jason Bailey opens Eastside Games – Pot Farm included

Two years ago the big news in the Vancouver tech scene was local startup Super Rewards being acquired by AdKnowledge for a reported $30-50 Million. Super Rewards co-founder Jason Bailey bootstrapped Super Rewards from nothing to a $100 Million run rate and exit all in under 18 months.

Since the acquisition Bailey has been very active in the local startup ecosystem, lending advice whenever possible. And last month Bailey along three co-founders launched Vancouver seed accelerator GrowLab.

Turns out he’s got even more up his sleeve as we received a press release today that opens with:

DES Games, Jason Bailey, and a mountain of cash have all gotten together to form the latest greatest games studio, EASTSIDE GAMES. This exciting new studio aims to be a powerhouse of Social and Mobile games, focusing on Android and the new Google+ platforms as well as their current staples in Facebook, the open web and iOS. F#CK YEAH!

The Vancouver gaming community will be familiar with DES Games – they developed the popular Facebook game Pot Farm.

With today’s announcement, Eastside Games will retain ownership of Pot Farm as well as 5 other iOS and Facebook games with over 1 million Monthly Active Users and over 750,000 fans combined. Joining Bailey will be DES Studio Manager Josh Nilson and DES Creative Director Galan Akin who will assume identical roles at the new company.

$1.5 Million has been raised to clean up the cap table, leaving Bailey as majority owner, and giving Eastside Games room to grow their new studio. And no time like the present, Eastside moved into their new space this week and are hiring Producers, Project Managers, Engineers, and Artists.