Every Entrepreneur Should Travel If They Want to Excel – and We’re Not Talking About Business Trips

Travel helps you to grow as an individual enhancing the prospects for your career and life. Your perspective, values, and openness are all influenced by the experiences you have in a foreign land.

I grew up in Saskatchewan and had only flown to Calgary once before moving to London, England for the first time for a summer. Since that flight I have gone on many more trips and traveled to 20 countries that triggered my ambitions to get involved in entrepreneurial roles throughout my career to date.

I worked part time jobs around going to university full time so I could travel to Europe and live in London twice before my holiday maker visa expired. I took a year off school between my third and fourth year of university to go back to my job offer from the summer before to spend more time in the UK. I came back to Saskatoon after having one of the best years of my life and finished my last year of school having covered most of Europe.

Upon graduating, I jumped through some hoops and found myself launching a software company with investment from the founder for me to travel and grow the company almost entirely independently (a dream gig at this stage of my life). The carrot dangling in front of my face was more trips (the trigger to motivate me to do almost anything). Then I went on to figure out how to do it since it was directly aligned with my motivation.


“The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

– Marcel Proust


The benefits of travel not including all of the character building experiences that come up are: a heightened perspective leading to more conscious behaviors, appreciation for other cultures that helps you connect in diverse professional settings, and gratitude for life in general that helps you to find clarity for what you want in life.



I didn’t realize when I was going to climb the Great Wall of China that I would have to take an old ski lift to go up (scary!). Travelling forces you to be open minded with situations or cuisines you may not find yourself engaging in back home. When you have a sense of wonder and are flexible with engaging in new experiences you remain open to opportunities to connect in ways that closed minded people shy away from, those are the opportunities to learn and grow.

Experiencing other cultures and seeing how there are so many different paths to get to the same place forces you to develop a heightened perspective. We all have the same goals: wanting a healthy income, a good family and a nice place to call home. But it is interesting to study the different practices and traditions for how other cultures get there.

Being sensitive to diversity and other ethnic practices allows you to connect with people on a deeper, more respectful level. People are always happy to answer questions about their backgrounds and beliefs if you are curious to learn about them. It is usually interesting and worthwhile to do so. Maybe they have some ideas you can bank for yourself.



Your development speeds up when you spend time self-actualizing in new environments. You feel more alive when you go to a new country that forces you to have an appreciation for your life and the people in it. When you choose to be open and learn to understand yourself, you are better equipped to communicate and engage meaningfully with others personally and professionally.


“I am a passionate traveler, and from the time I was a child, travel formed me as much as my formal education.”

– David Rockefeller


The memories you create on trips are permanent happiness injections that fuel you with motivation for all of the possibilities in your life. You go home and are more inspired to make changes to achieve your goals and you care less about the things stressing you out before you departed and likely came up with solutions to those challenges while relaxing.



Travel helps you to find direction. If you are in a crossroads or unsure of where things are going, taking a trip is a great way to figure things out if it is time to regroup or change course. It is fast track personal development giving you a chance to reflect and figure out what is important to you.

I am more settled in my life today because of my travel experiences and I would recommend it as a priority in life to anyone who has never travelled to somewhere different (not vacation resort). It is affordable and accessible to anyone that sets the goal to go.

Travelling made me more resourceful, positive and cultured and it affects my everyday life, beliefs and behaviors with how I interact with others.