Entrepreneurs VS Red Tape: Official report card identifies Canada’s best (and worst) provinces for entrepreneurs

Red tape.

These two words are daggers in the hearts of many entrepreneurs. But a freshly issued report card from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business suggests some provinces are a lot wore than others—and some really aren’t that bad. Rating each province via high-school style letter grades, this report card isn’t exactly one you’d wanna stick on your refrigerator or brag to mom about.

Manitoba: F

This province scored no brownie points with the CIFB and suffered a degrading F.

Alberta: F

With no political leadership, public report, or commitments to improve, Albert is hit with the red tape F-bomb.

Yukon: F

What did you expect?

Northwest Territories: F

Also predictable.

Prince Edward Island: D

Not much to say here. The island is plagued by red tape, and with no commitments for a brighter future, it’s given a poor score of D.

New Brunswick: C-

With semi-decent leadership and slightly reduced constraints on regulators, New Brunswick scrapes by with a passing grade of C-.

Ontario: C-

In what should be one of the best provinces, Ontario disappoints big time with a barely passing C-, but future prospects look brighter.

Quebec: C+

A target to reduce red tape by 20 percent by 2010 in eighteen government department and agencies earns the francophones a C+.

Saskatchewan: C+

An up-and-comer, this prairie province scored a C+ after becoming the first province to declare Red Tape Awareness Week.

Federal Government: C+

Overall, Canada scores a C+, slightly above the average grade for individual regions. A previous commitment to reduce paperwork burden by 20 percent was set in 2007 but not achieved until 2009.

Newfoundland: B

Perhaps the dark horse of the report card, quiet Newfoundland scored enough points to earn a solid B.

Nova Scotia: B

The government has committed to a 20 percent reduction in the “paperwork burden” by the end of 2010 (15 percent of that target achieved in October 2009), earning a strong B.

British Columbia: B+

Not only does the West Coast boast one of Canada’ most enviable lifestyles, B.C. scores a remarkable B+ thanks to a commitment to reduce regulatory requirements by one-third was achieved in 2004, and a current commitment to maintain a zero net increase in regulations extending through 2012.