VeloCity Campus Launches with a Bang at University of Waterloo

Entrepreneurs, you asked and we heard.

VeloCity, originally a Residence program at the University of Waterloo, has evolved and grown immensely in the last year with the launch of two additional new programs, VeloCity Garage and Velocity Campus.

Today VeloCity Campus is launching on University of Waterloo turf, with clear messaging that entrepreneurship is for all students, not just techies. VeloCity has seen outstanding success and demand for students to test drive their business ideas in an environment that cultivates experiential learning.

The program is hands on, explorative, and is a departing point for connecting students with each other. The light bulb moment happens during the exchange of ideas and execution of those ideas.

This is not just another incubator or accelerator program. Velocity Campus is different because it is specifically focused on providing entrepreneurial resources for all students at the University of Waterloo. The program is launching with the set intention that it is opened to all students and faculties on campus.

By providing a sense of place for innovative business ideas, students are able to test drive and validate entrepreneurial concepts with a realistic understanding of idea validation. Typically the startup scene implies an entrepreneurial idea with a tech factor, Velocity Campus boasts no restrictions on business ideas. Whether you’re after an accelerated tech idea or a lifestyle business, the program is aimed at providing the resources to get you there.

Each term, the program covers a wide variety of topics related to entrepreneurship on a weekly basis. Attendance to any of these resources is open to all students; there is no cap on participants unless the venue of the event has limitations. VeloCity Campus is looking to bring in notable speakers to explore entrepreneurial ideas, each week the topics build on previous concepts to provide a comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurship as a whole.

Some may ask how VeloCity Campus may affect entrepreneurial academic courses being offered on campus, the intention is for this level of experiential learning to compliment the academic experience. Similar to how a business club/society or co-operative work term may exist at university, VeloCity Campus looks to provide an experiential learning environment that contributes to a holistic understanding of entrepreneurship alongside the value that academic learning brings.

A key bonus, the ideas that you create at the University of Waterloo are your own. The University of Waterloo has an inventor-owned idea policy; this means that any ideas you generate while at the University have no ownership ties to VeloCity or the University of Waterloo. You can worry less about who owns what and focus your energy on your business. VeloCity Campus provides the ideal environment for students to follow their passion for solving business solutions; there are no limitations what these may be. Welcome to unlimited idea generation.