Canada Post Adds Epost to Mobile App

Canada Post has added epost to its mobile app. Epost is a digital mailbox that enables bill management, online payment through banks, and a personal safety deposit box.

The app already allows users to track packages, find nearby postal outlets, and find out what it costs to send a parcel, letter, or document. According to Canada Post, it was the most downloaded free mobile business app in 2012. So far, 820,000 Canadians have downloaded it.

“For busy Canadians, saving time, money and staying organized when it comes to managing your household is important,” says Kerry Munro, Group President of the Digital Delivery Network.

“There are many tools out there, but none have the convenience and security that epost does,” he added. “It aggregates your household bills into one place, which means you only need one username and password to efficiently take care of your finances.”