Eqentia launches a self-service news personalization portal for enterprise customers

Eqentia screenshotToronto-based startup Eqentia, a pioneer in enterprise news aggregation and online curation, today announced the launch of Eqentia 2.0 – the latest release of their SaaS-based software that features a self-service tool for enterprise portals.

The new self-service portal enables enterprise customers to configure content into a personalized news stream with republishing capabilities.

The Eqentia platform is especially useful for sales people, marketers, and publishers who want to gather intelligence about a particular company or topic in one place (like About.me for companies) and then re-publish it to share:

  • thought leadership with customers
  • competitive intelligence among teams
  • hyper-local news republished within your content management system
  • empower your existing blogging and content marketing platforms and more

With the social web, every company now needs to become a publisher and Eqentia helps to make it easier. Here is a great example of a hyper-local custom news channel created by the Boulder School of Journalism and Mass Communications called Slices of Boulder. Also, check out this example of gathering all of the possible news stories about Cisco in one place for business intelligence and thought leadership purposes.

Users of the new Eqentia portal do not need to fiddle with RSS to find the latest updates from all of the online sources that they are tracking. Simply type-in the content source that you want to track into the Eqentia self-service tool. Then, add a Twitter stream to go with your feed by including hashtags, lists, keywords and specific users that you might want to include in your personalized, curated news and information channel.

The Eqentia portal also offers text-mining filters, a choice of 35,000 global sources and over 75 curated topics. 

William Mougayar, founder and CEO of Eqentia says that the platform focuses on “content relevancy first, then we find out its popularity in social media, next. Therefore, we’re not a social media aggregator; rather we’re a smart aggregator that knows about social media attention.”

The company has also completely revamped their user interface to make it more intuitive and easier for companies to re-brand for their own use. The new interface uses CSS3 and HTML5 – so it looks great on a tablet or smartphone.

Eqentia is the only news content aggregator that allows you to combine your own filters, a range of feed sources, a filtered Twitter stream, and curated topics – all in the same place.

Eqentia now boasts three products to choose from:

  • A personal stream, which allows you to add content via keywords, web page submissions, synching with Twitter favourites, starred stories in Google reader, open news search, and more. You can use it privately to track business intelligence about your competitors, or make your stream public to share knowledge with customers or social media connections.
  • A personal news page, which allows you to follow portals or sub-topics which get placed on a summary page that sends you updates by email. Just follow any of their 75 curated channels to see what’s possible and create your own personal news page in seconds.
  • An enterprise portal, which is now available in self-service format, as described above.

To try out the self-service portal, visit portal.eqentia.com/portals/new to sign-up for your own account. Let us know what you think of the new Eqentia platform.