Equedia.com targets social investors

Vancouver-based startup Equedia.com launched in beta last month just in time for the world’s financial markets to take a tumble. Not necessarily bad news for a site hoping to capitalize on user-generated content as everyone tends to have an opinion in turbulent times.

Equedia.com is a human-powered investment search portal and a platform for users to share financial videos & information through a social web experience. We provide corporations with free online investor relations and syndicate business media through user-generated content. Unlike traditional finance portals, we give users the ability to add, edit and update videos, content, and presentations, thus creating an atmosphere unlike traditional portals.

Equedia has a fair share of Facebook and YouTube-inspired features, including integrated feeds of all activity from associated users and companies. In addition, users can blog on-site and rate stocks (buy/sell/hold) they’re following.

On the other side of the investment equation, publically-traded companies can upload video to enhance their old-school news releases and the site has integrated live financial data from 6 exchanges.

Ivan Lo is the CEO and Founder of Equedia and to-date the startup has been privately funded. The Equedia platform was developed by Vancouver’s Vibrant Software.