Ernst & Young Brings Boot Camp to Calgary, Pitches Instead of Pushups

While cruising Vancouver’s seawall, one might see a “boot camp” fitness class where people pay to have a pseudo-miltary-looking dude yell at them while they work out. I keep biking, enjoying my exercise, no one yelling at me except my iPod and disgruntled cars.

Ernst & Young’s Entreprenuer Boot Camp, coming up soon in Calgary, September 16-17, 2008, won’t yell at you or make you do push ups, but they will help you refine your capital-raising strategies and pitch. Valuable if you are intending to attend the upcoming Banff Venture Forum.

The two-day Boot Camp draws on the collective experience of our team of investor and entrepreneur coaches who will tell you the truth about raising capital in the current environment. You will learn what an investor-ready business plan looks like and how to deliver a 60 second elevator pitch.

The final afternoon is set aside for a mock investor presentation where our panel of experts will give you valuable feedback on your pitch and how it resonates with investors. This is an unparalleled chance to receive feedback from some of the very investors you will be presenting to at the Banff Venture Forum!

The Boot Camp is targeted at CEO’s of companies that have previously rasied at least $250,000 and are looking to approach investors for $500,000 or more over the next year. For more information or to register, visit the E&Y Boot Camp site.