Did Avid Life Media Operate an Escort Servce Alongside Ashley Madison?

Avid Life Media, the company that operates the now highly scrutinized Ashley Madison, may have been secretly running an online escort service as well.

According to the Daily Dot, ALM owned escorts.ca—which very recently, very suspiciously shut down—through Pernimus Limited, a shell company listed among ALM’s “legal entities” in an internal document released as part of Impact Team’s July hack.

Quoth the Daily Dot:

The document shows that ALM’s intention for the site, which did not charge users to browse its pages, was to funnel traffic to Ashley Madison and other ALM properties. The company intended to create landing pages for multiple sites—Ashley Madison, CougarLife, Established Men—with messages promoting “an alternative to paying an escort.” . . . Other leaked emails show that ALM executives actively recruited escorts for another of its websites, Arrangement Finders, which operates under the ALM umbrella, and advertises under the slogan “Intimacy with a Twi$t.”

Leaked emails, including thousands involving now-former CEO Noel Biderman, add to the evidence.

And to think: earlier this year, Avid Life hinted at an IPO.