Etalim – Making the Stirling Engine Shine

The Canadian Financing Forum took place this week in Vancouver and Chris Forrest took in a handful of the Cleantech presentations. This blog post is the last in a series of five.

Who needs heat when you have acoustic waves or natural gas or biomass?  Etalim Inc. is using a proprietary acoustic technology to eliminate the need for high heat in the creation of electricity.  Their simple, small, and reliable technology operates at 50% efficiency and is the size of a soccer ball.  The small footprint and low cost make installations easy and scalable.

Etalim’s technology boasts greater energy creation capabilities that a traditional stirling engine without the need for high heat.  The system claims zero friction, zero leakage, zero maintenance and an infinite life span.  Beyond offering low cost electricity, Etalim’s system does not require water and will make high sun light desert applications much easier.

Initially they plan on targeting domestic cogeneration applications and will look to expand to utility scale solar applications by 2014.  They are seeking $8 Million in the next 3-6 months and plan for additional rounds of funding in 2012 and 2014, pending alliances or exit opportunities.

Update: Etalim won Best Early Stage Cleantech Company at the 2010 Canadian Financing Forum.