ethicalDeal brings sustainability to the group buying scene

A Vancouver start-up is taking the online group buying idea to a greener place, by signing up exclusively sustainable and green businesses.

ethicalDeal is the brainchild of 25-year-old Royal Roads grad Annalea Krebs. She’s an advocate of all things green and wants more people to start supporting environmentally sound businesses. But when she kept hearing from people that they were either being bombarded by too many choices or thought that buying green was too expensive, she saw an opportunity.

Kudos to The Sun for the scoop:

“There’s all these barriers, if you will, to the ethical deal that something like [my business] takes away. We do the research, we go out into the city and find the best green products and services.”

Krebs will feature eco-certified products and services as well as those with a clear environmental advantage, such as car co-ops and organic-food delivery.

Aaron Ash, owner of vegan restaurant Gorilla Food in downtown Vancouver, is Krebs’s first client.

“I was kinda a little bit resistant at first,” Ash said. “I realized on this one, we would be losing on the initial sale, but I guess that I feel confident in what we have here and sell, and if people try it for the first time, they will come back.”

Merchants pay no upfront costs and get “thousands of local, targeted impressions for free,” Krebs said. “The worst thing that could happen is free advertising for the day. It’s all measurable because it’s all online.”

The service is extremely similar to Groupon: merchants provide a 40–90 per cent off deal to consumers valid for one day, and if enough subscribers confirm that they want the deal, they all receive it — otherwise, no one does.

You can visit the ethicalDeal website here; ethicalDeal is slated to launch later this week.