Euro 2012: A Twitter Story

Since Twitter took off a couple years ago, one of the most tweet-heavy sports has been football (occasionally referred to as “soccer” in North America), perhaps because of its worldwide appeal and exceptionally enthusiastic fans. 

The UEFA European Football Championship is one of the sport’s most widely anticipated tournaments, so it’s not surprise that the event lit up the Twittersphere across the globe. To highlight this, TheScore crafted an infographic with some interesting social media statistics surrounding Euro 2012.

For example, fans of Spain, the winning team, unsurprisingly tweeted the most—more than 870,000 times throughought the tourney—but England fans, whose team was eliminated rather early in the quarterfinal, managed a close second place with 850,000.

Goals garnered over 450,000 tweets, while refereers were the topic of discussion more than 70,000 times. Diving, one of the controversies of the sport in the modern day, was relatively quiet with just 10,000 tweets.

LeBron James, an NBA all-star, managed the most retweeted Euro 2012 tweet by far—nearly 10,000 RTs and over 1,000 favourites—thanks to the combination of his massive following and broadly appealing message: “Congrats to Spain on winning.”

Check out the rest of the stats in the TheScore’s infographic below.