Even During the Holidays, Canadians Just Can’t Take a Break From Their Mobile Phones

Canadians just can’t take a break of their mobile phones. According to a study conducted by Virgin Mobile Canada, well over half of Canadians will be using their mobile phones during the holidays, checking emails on vacation and texting during family dinners. 

It’s a sign of the times. 3 in 5 Canadians will be sending generic holiday messages to friends and family and just 2% of Canadians will be employing the traditional tactic of sending hand-written notes.

“Most think of the holidays as down time with the family, but our recent survey shows that Canadians are thinking about more than family while they’re gobbling up that turkey and opening the presents,” says Andrew Bridge, Managing Director, Virgin Mobile Canada.  “Canadians are taking a break from the family time to send out greetings, keep up on the latest gossip and even send a few naughty notes. Whether it’s at the dinner table or caroling by the tree, we’re all about keeping up on our mobile phones and making sure we don’t miss a single e-mail, text or tweet!”

There are some notable differences between provinces. For example, Albertans have the highest tendency to exchange flirty texts during the holidays, while British Columbians are the least likely to do so. Meanwhile, Quebecers are the most likely to prefer face-to-face communication this season.