Even the Biggest Internet Retailers are Failing to Optimize for M-Commerce [STUDY]

Despite mounting evidence that tablets are becoming extremely popular devices for mobile commerce, internet retailers are failing to acknowledge and act on this. According to new research findings from Zmags, a rich media platform for ecommerce, less than one-third of the top 100 internet retailers have so far optimized their websites for tablet commerce.

“The rest are relying on their standard websites to deliver an ‘adequate enough’ tablet shopping experience,” reads the report. “Some retailers’ approach has been to develop iPad apps to address the tablet shopping market, but one-quarter of these apps don’t allow shoppers to buy directly.” 

“What we discovered, unexpectedly, was that very few retailers—even among this elite group of marketers—are tapping into the full shopping potential of mobile and tablet devices. In fact, not even close to it,” said W. Sean Ford, COO and CMO of Zmags. “Only one quarter of retailers are ready to take a consumer through checkout over tablets, but forty-nine percent of today’s tablet owners said they plan to shop even more next year using their device.This reflects a serious disconnect between how consumers want to shop and the inconsistent experiences they are being offered. It’s a crucial issue that retailers need to address before their competitors do.”